Reasons to play online poker

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Aug 30th, 2017

There are many poker players who still could not decide whether to play online poker or not. There are some basic differences between the two formats, and there are many advantages associated with online poker playing.


Some major comparisons

  • Game selection is the best reason here. Even if the casino is very close to your house, you will always have the limitations in the choice of games available. When you have limited choices in games, you actually get limited ways to earn money. You will always end up choosing a game which is not profitable for you. And in the online market, there is no end to the choices you get. You can search around for long hours to get the ideal game for you and earn money, which is the goal of every poker Being the best player in a particular game is not an achievement, you need to be good in all the games. Game selection in online poker is really great; you can just use your fingers to search through millions and millions of games from site to site.
  • The rakes are really low in online poker In a live casino format nowadays rakes costs around 10% of the pot with $4-$5 in hand whereas in online poker the rooms are 5% with $3 at the max. There are some micro stakes rooms where the betting limit can be as low as $.10 and sometimes there is no rake at all. Players hardly pay any attention to the price of the rakes. But it can leave you devastated at the end of the day. Online rooms are cheaper for a reason; they do not need to buy large rooms at rent, hire a dealer, buy tables, etc. But this does not mean they are earning less than the casinos of live format. Though they charge less for rakes they earn quite more than the live casinos because of the speed of the game, as because the players can try some hands in the time saved, they get to earn more money. The time you save here, you try to invest every moment on the poker game. You just have to go to your computer which has an internet connection. And for funding, you just need to transfer funds from your account online which is very easy as compared to carrying all the way to the casino arena.

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