What is Sakong and How to Play It?

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Jun 13th, 2017

Sakong is a card game, which now you can play online. It may seem similar to several other card games because three cards are distributed among the players. A person, who receives three aces, he will win the biggest jackpot prize in the game. Cards like K, Q, J would be equal to 10 and three As will be equal to 1. It is an interesting game and its popularity is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that soon you can find this game with the leading card games on online gambling sites. Therefore, you should know how to play Sakong online so that you can try your luck in this game and win a big prize.

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When you can win a big jackpot?

Sakong is also like other card games. The winner is decided by evaluating the cards received by all the players. If a player receives the best card combination, he will be the winner and a player, who does not get good cards, will lose his money. The best card combinations in the Sakong game are listed below.

  • The Three As:

There should be no doubt that you are going to win the money, when you receive the three As. It is the highest card combination in the online Sakong game and your winning chances are absolutely better than all the other players on the table.

  • Three kings or Ks:

As we all know, “K” or “King” is the second highest card in the card deck and his position will remain same in the online Sakong game. You can be the winner in the game, if you receive the three Ks and if any other player does not receive the three As.

  • Three Queens or Qs:

Similar like other card games, the Queen card is the third highest card. You can win the game by receiving three Qeens or Qs. Of course, you will not win if another player receives, the higher combination of the cards.

  • Three Js:

You can also win a large amount, if you receive three Js and if other players get the lower combination of three cards. You should never lose the hope of doing better than other players, when you receive three Js.

  • Three 10s:

Three 10s stand as the fifth highest paying combination in the online Sakong game. You may wish to get it, when other players have not gotten a higher card combination.

The jackpot card combinations in this card game would be AAA, KKK, QQQ, JJJ, 10 10 10, and the combination of three images like JQK. All the online sites provide jackpots in the online Sakong game in the given way. You should get ready to win a large prize because the chances of winning a jackpot prize in this online card game are higher than other card games. Probably, it lures the players and that’s why they spend a long time by playing the Sakong Game online.

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Playing online Sakong:

It is pretty simple to play online Sakong game. You will not find it too difficult, if you have played other card games before. There would be eight people on the table, including the bookie. It means, you will compete against other 6 players. Now the bookie will shake the card deck and distribute three cards in front of all the seven players. Yes, you can pick the cards and check the card combination you have received. Now the game will go like the poker game. Each player will check his cards and place the bet. Some players may pack, if they have not received a good card combination.

The Sakong game has now become one of the most popular games that gamblers love to play online. You will not find it a difficult to play game because it is all about receiving better cards than your competitors and making them quit before you pack your cards. Yes, you can apply some poker strategies to beat your competitors and win the amount. However, it matters a lot that where you play the Sakong game. There are many sites that offer an opportunity of wagering real money in online Sakong. You should never choose a casino site that did not receive a good response from the players. Check the reviews of the online casinos and then join a casino that offers impressive bonus and a large variety of games including the Sakong game.

Play wisely to win a big prize:

Sakong may not be as popular as the poker game, but still thousands of players play it on a daily basis. There are some trusted sites, where you can stake real money and get an opportunity of winning a big jackpot. We have explained how to play Sakong Online. Now all you need to do is follow the tips and applying the right strategies to win a large amount.

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